👋 I'm John, a frontend engineer passionate about accessibility, metacognition, and building delighters for the web.

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  • Senior Software Engineer at Smartsheet
  • Consultant, Redux Curriculum at Codecademy
  • Consultant, Frontend Engineering Curriculum at Codecademy
  • Software Engineer at Microsoft




  • No Mouse Challenge Browser Extension

    // A browser extension that hides the mouse cursor on web pages. This is a tool used to build empathy towards accessibility tool users.

  • Closed Captions Browser Extension

    // A browser extension that provides closed captions for any audio content using machine learning.

  • Tetris Meets Snake

    // A modern twist on the classic games Tetris and Snake with over 200 daily active users.

  • SignMeIn

    // A classroom attendance solution with over 3000 daily active users.

  • Snake Beat

    // Play the classic game Snake along with the beat


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