👋 I'm John, an engineer interested in accessibility, metacognition, and building delighters for the web.

🇨🇳 Learning Mandarin, 你好!

🏋️‍♀️ Training to join the 1000 pound club.


// I've also done some stuff at AT&T, Amazon, American Advertising Agency, Burberry Group, SpaceX, The Aerospace Corporation, and UC Riverside.


  • NFT Wiki

    // A no-code website builder for NFTs. Build a website by drop and dragging. Myspace and Geocities vibes~~~

  • Learn CSS-in-JS Course

    // Looking to advance your CSS styling strategies? CSS-in-JS is a popular technique that allows programmers to write CSS styling in JavaScript syntax.

  • Connecting Front-End to Back-End Course

    // Joining the front-end and back-end in a full-stack application is essential in providing a seamless user experience and a smooth deployment process.

  • Barbell Plate Calculator

    // An app to help calculate how many plates you need for a target weight. This is useful for barbell lifters.

  • Intermediate Javascript Course

    // Learn about classes, modules, promises, currying, concurrency, and the event loop.

  • React Testing Course

    // Learn how to test a React app from unit to integration tests.

  • React and Redux Course

    // Create an advanced web app with React and Redux.

  • Learn Redux Course

    // Learn the best practices for state mangement using Redux.

  • Frontend Engineering Course

    // Learn everything you need to become a frontend engineer.

  • No Mouse Challenge Browser Extension

    // A browser extension that hides the mouse cursor on web pages. This is a tool used to build empathy towards accessibility tool users.

  • Closed Captions Browser Extension

    // A browser extension that provides closed captions for any audio content using machine learning.

  • Tetris Meets Snake

    // A modern twist on the classic games Tetris and Snake with over 200 daily active users.

  • SignMeIn

    // A classroom attendance solution with over 3000 daily active users.

  • Snake Beat

    // Play the classic game Snake along with the beat